Personal Experiences

We continue to lead weekends because Heart to Heart has been transformative for us and our relationships.   Some of our past participant's comments may help describe the impact of the weekend.

Testimonials From Previous Participants

“Heart To Heart was a way for my partner and me to have a structure for exploring our differences in a safe place. What we didn’t know was how Heart To Heart would give us a way to also share all the strengths in our relationship and bring us closer.”

“I can’t believe this is the only inclusive, not specifically religious game in town - or many towns, apparently.  We will be recommending it to lots of people.  I thought you did a great job making it inclusive.  We’ll be contributing to the scholarship fund!”

“I’d recommend this to any couple, unreservedly.  No matter where you are in your relationship, the honesty and intimacy of this weekend is a useful, beautiful tool for the health of your relationship.”

“Deep personal sharing of leadership team’s own real life experiences.  No requirement/expectation that attendees need to do the same.  Very welcoming to all.”

“I think the openness and genuine sense of a judgement-free zone were well cultivated by all the presenters   Everyone was very welcoming and respectful.  Thank you!  ”

“The structure was organized and felt complete.  It took us through an important process to connect, understand each other better and tools for next steps.”

“I think any couple, regardless of where they are in their relationship could benefit from reflecting upon these topics and from hearing from couples how they made things work and what they struggled with or still struggle with. As we struggle in our marriage, it’s just nice to know we’re not the only ones.”